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Allergy Free Gourmet Christmas Basket


Free From All Extra Large- Severe allergies? Have no fear. All of these products come from allergy free facilities and are free from the 8 most common allergens. Included are a box of lemon cookies, a box of double chocolate chip cookies, pomegranate candy drops, fruit crisps, peach licorice, fruit and seed trail mix, mountain mambo trail mix, a box of macaroni and "cheese", chili lollipops, snack pack vanilla cookies, gluten free pasta, allergy free popcorn, cocoa snack bar, lentil chips, and 2 mini packs of chewy fruit snacks.
add to cart $155.85 Free of 8 most common allergens produced in Allergy Free Facilities 17"x13"x14"
Gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, tree nut free, peanut free, fish and shellfish free VEGANAlso available in small and medium

Any basket on this site can be decorated for Christmas- just Click here to request free holiday embellishments, then add your basket


Free From All Candy Fest- Kids will go crazy over this basket abounding in safe to eat treats. Chocolate caramel nougat bar, chocolate peanot cups, 2 chewy fruit snacks, chocolate covered pretzel bites, snack pack of chocolate chip cookies, snack pack of chocolate mint cookies, snack pack of vanilla cookies, snack pack of double fudge cookies, fruit drops and popcorn. Yes, this basket is Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, peanut free, nut free, and egg free. Free of 8 most common allergens. Produced in allergy free facilities.
add to cart OUT OF STOCK FOR THE SUMMER $70.65 Free of 8 most common allergens produced in Allergy Free Facilities 8"x8"x14"


Free All Gourmet- It's all in the presentation! Send your greetings with a basket of products produced in allergy free facilities. A box of crunchy chocolate cookies, 2 snack packs of delicious whole grain cookies, 2 packs of fruits cirsps, pomegranate fruit drops, brown rice pasta, fruit and seed trail mix, and "cheesy" popcorn. .
add to cart $92.65 Free of 8 most common allergens produced in Allergy Free Facilities 14"x9"x12"