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Great for Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day or anyday!

Gluten Free Gourmet Feast Basket

Gourmet Feast-This gift basket of sublime taste and sophistication is overflowing with 2 snack packs of applesauce, 2 pack drinking chocolate, 2 bars of chocolate peppermint bark, crispy "cheddar" puffs, 3 sea salt caramels, 3 chocolate caramels, 4 lollipops, 4 dark chocolate bytes, caramel sea salt coconut chips, a snack pack of whole grain chocolate chip cookies, a snack pack of vanilla cookies, 2 packs fruit crisps, 2 seasoned olives, 2 boxes of seasoned pistachios, sweet and salty kettle corn, snappea crisps, rice noodle soup, a box of snickerdoodle cookies, 2 servings of black olive tapenade, creamy split pea soup, crunchy tortilla chips, a chocolate caramel nougat bar, 2 packs of chocolate covered pretzels, a box of fudge brownie mix, savory kettle chips, brown rice pasta, pasta sauce mix, a fruit and seed trail mix, chocolate caramel sauce, chocolate peanot cups, a box of chocolate mint cookies, a box of lemon cookies, 2 servings of black olive tapenade, seasoned chickpea snacks, and cranberry pomegranate trail mix crunch.
add to cart $355.60 Large Gluten free approximately 22"x14"x16"


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Gluten and Dairy Free Budget Gourmet

Soup Gourmet- We've got just what they need to make their day! Easy to make (just add water) delicious soups...plus more. Large seasoned popcorn, split pea soup, creamy corn chowder soup, green onion rice noodle soup, 2 hummus, a bag of vegetable chips and a 2 snack packs of cookies.
cart $61.65 12"x8"x11" Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, peanut free, soy free


Gluten and Dairy Free Gourmet- Wake up all your taste buds with a basket of top notch food that includes gluten free pasta, organic pasta sauce mix, a box of delicious cookies, seasoned olives, savory kettle chips, "cheese" puffs, caramel coconut chips, fruit crisps, and 2 snack packs of apple sauce.
add to cart $80.15 DF, GF, Vegan 12"x9"x12"

GF Duke

Gluten Free Delights-When only the best will do.. a gourmet basket of style and class! Included are vegan cheese puffs, crunchy tortilla chips, brown rice pasta, pesto pasta sauce mix, 2 snack packs vegetable chips, rice noodle soup, crunchy chocolate cookies, 3 fruit and nut bars, 2 sea salt caramels, 2 chocolate caramels, and 2 boxes of seasoned pistachios.
cart $127.75 Gluten free, egg free, dairy free, peanut free, Vegan (contains tree nuts and soy) 16"x12"x14"



Jumbo Snacker- Have the family gather round- there's more than enough for everyone! 2 boxes of roasted seasoned pistachios, a box of whole grain lemon cookies, a box of whole grain chocolate chip cookies, 4 caramels, a box cocoa snack bars, savory "cheese" puffs, a large bag of caramel coconut chips, lentil chips, sweet and salty kettle corn, crunchy tortilla chips, fuit and seed trail mix, pomegranate trail mix crunch, and a snack pack of vegetable chips.
add to cart $160.50 18"x14"13" Vegan, gluten free, egg free, dairy free